Meat Grinders Electric

Meat Grinders Electric

BioloMix Heavy Duty 3000W Max Powerful Electric Meat Grinder Home Sausage Machine Meat Grinder Food Processor

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  • Fresh Meat for the Best Taste: Use this meat grinder for all types of meat such as lamb, duck, chicken and beef for the best flavor, tenderness and texture. Perfect for making bratwurst, italian sausages, meatballs, bologna and even breadcrumbs!
  • For all types of meat: with a variety of attachments, you can make anything from hamburgers and hot dogs to meat and chili. Accessories include 3 metal sanding plates, 3 sausage filler funnels, a meat loading chute, a kibbeh mount and a food pusher to guide food down the chute.
  • Fast Grinding: This meat grinder has a peak power 3000W (rated power 700W) motor that grinds 1.2kg of meat per minute. The reverse function prevents clogging, so you can continue sanding without any interruption. For more tender results, some meats may be grounded twice. However fatty meats should only be ground once.
  • Service and Warranty: Thoroughly clean all parts in warm water. Always dry items immediately after washing for longer life. Do not wash parts in a dishwasher.
  • Brand Name: Biolomix
  • Power (W): Max. 3000 W
  • Certification: European Certificate of Conformity
  • Origin: China
  • Model Number: BMG02
  • Purpose: family
  • Body Material: Plastic

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